We also offer a 6-week Relationship Mastery Course, and a 10-week Advanced Relationship Mastery Course.

Research shows that the quality of our relationships is the most important determinant of our health and happiness, and yet no one teaches us how to have healthy and meaningful relationships growing up! We spend so much time, money, and energy learning how to become successful or famous, but ultimately that’s not what makes us happy. You can now take the relationship course no one taught you in school and invest in your long-term health and happiness.

Learn the fundamental skills and tools to build a solid and healthy relationship and prevent issues from accumulating or damaging your relationship in the future in our 6-week Relationship Mastery Course. Once you graduate from that, and if you are interested in going a bit deeper, complete four more weeks, and graduate from the Advanced Relationship Mastery Course.

This course will not only enrich your life, but it will also save you money and energy down the line. Instead of experiencing severe conflict and going through lengthy therapy in the future, invest in 6-10 weeks now and go home with a great toolbox of skills that will strengthen your relationship and help you build immunity against the common pitfalls most couples experience.

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