A BOND retreat is a trip that runs over a few days filled with collaborative experiences led by Drs. Maha and Bo. Each day will involve different practices that promote learning new skills to strengthen your relationship, communicate more effectively, and connect deeply, in addition to movement and physical activities that help a couple BOND. Our mission is to offer Better Opportunities to Nurture and Develop relationships.

It’s a fun, unique, and stimulating experience where you will not only learn new tools to enhance your physical, mental, and relationship health, but also enjoy the outdoors while engaging in either relaxing or challenging activities. Not to mention that you will meet like-minded people, explore a beautiful destination, interact with Bo and Maha, and experience a new and deeper connection with your partner.

There are many couple’s workshops and retreats out there, not to mention loads of wellness and adventure retreats, but there aren’t many retreats that combine both and aim to help you and your partner strengthen your connection while improving your physical and emotional health in fun ways.

Groups will mainly be comprised of couples seeking similar benefits and experiences as you are. Participants will be expected to hold up a confidentiality agreement to keep all information shared private and anonymous, in addition to maintaining a respectful and collaborative relationship with the group. Though you will be encouraged to voluntarily participate in all of the curriculum with the group, you will not be pushed into doing anything you are not comfortable with (such as sharing with the group, or engaging in any activity they do not want).